I actively maintain these projects. Please use them and send me feedback, patches, etc.

Once a project has a few users, I also put it on my sr.ht sourcehut account

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Project Description Last Change
bash-template Boilerplate for new bash scripts 6 weeks ago
basic-https-conf apache/nginx config & let's encrypt 3 months ago
bbdb-csv-import Import csv into Emacs’s bbdb contact database 4 years ago
cedit The main documentation is availiable via --help and... 4 months ago
debian-auto-update Add restarting daemons to debian's auto update 19 months ago
distro-functions Identify distros & abstract package managers 3 months ago
errhandle SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later 2 weeks ago
evhz Show mouse refresh rate under linux + evdev 4 months ago
fdroidcl-up The main documentation is availiable via --help and... 3 years ago
lnf Create symlinks forcefully 8 months ago
log-quiet Log output, conditionally email or print it 8 months ago
mediawiki-librejs-patch Mediawiki patch to mostly satisfy LibreJS 3 years ago
mediawiki-setup Mediawiki setup guide / fully automated script 18 months ago
mediawiki-sidebar-patch Mediawiki patch for removing sidebar 3 years ago
newns The main documentation is availiable via --help and... 2 months ago
small-misc-bash Utility bash programs 4 months ago
spray A speed reading mode for Emacs 2 years ago
tee-unique The main documentation is availiable via --help and... 4 years ago
visible-mark Emacs minor mode to highlight mark(s) 4 years ago
vpn-setup Setup openvpn client & server 9 days ago
Personalized for my use. Useful as examples or to copy specific parts
automated-distro-installer PXE install w multi-boot, btrfs & Libreboot support 10 days ago
buildscripts Build and install misc software 3 months ago
distro-setup ~4k loc bash, configs for my computers 7 days ago
dot-emacs ~2k lines of elisp 3 months ago
ian-misc-bash Little bashrc type scripts 3 years ago
iankelling.org Content and automated setup of iankelling.org 3 months ago
keyboard.io-layout My keyboard.io Model01 keyboard layout 20 months ago