Since 2017, most code I've written is in support of FSF and GNU, usually system administration related and not public or not publicized. The most generally useful public package I've written is a Bash stack trace and error handling library, Bash Bear Trap, and a Bash Style Guide that talks about Bash error handling.

If you find any of these useful, let me know. Patches welcome, email to

A few of these are mirrored on sourcehut account in case that helps people contribute or use them.

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Project Description Last Change
basic-https-conf apache/nginx config & let's encrypt 3 months ago
cedit The main documentation is availiable via --help and... 5 weeks ago
distro-functions Identify distros & abstract package managers 12 months ago
lnf Create symlinks forcefully 2 years ago
log-quiet Log output, conditionally email or print it 4 weeks ago
newns Nat a network namespace. systemd friendly 2 weeks ago
small-misc-bash Utility bash programs 3 months ago
spray A speed reading mode for Emacs 5 years ago
tee-unique Append LINE if it's not already in FILE 10 days ago
visible-mark Emacs minor mode to highlight mark(s) 7 years ago
vpn-setup Setup openvpn client & server 3 months ago
Historical archive. They don't work or have been superseded.
bash-template Boilerplate for new bash scripts 3 months ago
debian-auto-update Add restarting daemons to debian's auto update 4 years ago
fdroidcl-up Install & update yr fdroid apps 6 years ago
mediawiki-librejs-patch Mediawiki patch to mostly satisfy LibreJS 7 years ago
mediawiki-setup Mediawiki setup guide / fully automated script 4 years ago
mediawiki-sidebar-patch Mediawiki patch for removing sidebar 7 years ago
I don't use these anymore, they may or may not work, patches welcome
bbdb-csv-import Import csv into Emacs’s bbdb contact database 7 years ago
evhz Show mouse refresh rate under linux + evdev 2 years ago
Personalized for my use. Useful as examples or to copy specific parts
automated-distro-installer PXE install w multi-boot, btrfs & Libreboot support 3 months ago
buildscripts Build and install misc software 10 months ago
distro-setup ~4k loc bash, configs for my computers 2 weeks ago
dot-emacs ~2k lines of elisp 2 weeks ago
ian-misc-bash Little bashrc type scripts 3 months ago Content and automated setup of 10 days ago