2019-11-06 Ian Kellingmisc small updates master
2019-08-11 Ian Kellingindenting, no symlinks, update security
2018-05-12 Ian Kellingupdate ciphers from upstream, small changes
2017-11-20 Ian Kellingmisc bug fixes
2017-05-05 Ian Kellingsmall doc addition
2017-04-26 Ian Kellingslightly better docs
2017-04-26 Ian Kellingfix nginx, add non ssl
2017-04-26 Ian Kellingmerge scripts, add lets encrypt
2017-04-15 Ian Kellingmove apache ssl file to avoid certbot owned dir
2017-04-13 Ian Kellingfix edge case apache conf parsing
2017-04-06 Ian Kellingadd/improve proxy/port args
2017-04-03 Ian Kellingbe less verbose
2017-04-03 Ian Kellingallow alternate ports for apache
2017-03-30 Ian Kellingmake nginx script have roughly parity
2016-11-05 Ian Kellingfix logformat for older apache versions
2016-09-28 Ian Kellingrefactor, add request time to apache log
2016-09-09 Ian Kellingfix arg parsing
2016-09-07 Ian Kellingsmall doc update
2016-09-05 Ian Kellinguse gnu getopt for more flexible arg parsing
2016-08-27 Ian Kellingmake default certdir matchup with acme-tiny-wrapper
2016-08-15 Ian Kellingadd readme
2016-08-12 Ian Kellingadd http2 for apache
2016-08-12 Ian Kellingapache: use more verbose log for goaccess, a bit of...
2016-08-12 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2016-08-12 Ian Kellingworking nginx/apache sites