2018-05-12 Ian Kellingminor docs master
2017-02-15 Ian Kellingremove outdated references to github and mailing list origin/HEAD origin/master
2016-08-31 Ian Kellingsmall doc update
2016-08-31 Ian Kellingupdate readme to cover background colors
2016-08-15 Ian Kellingminor: readme rename
2016-08-15 Ian Kellingadd gitignore
2016-03-04 Ian KellingMerge pull request #12 from jakuzure/master
2016-03-03 蛇崩乃音added function to display current position and remainin...
2015-07-07 Ian Kellingupdate documentation
2015-06-26 Ian KellingCode style: use auto-format
2015-06-26 Ian KellingDon't show blank screen on longer pauses
2015-06-26 Ian Kellingadd option to restore point on spray quit
2015-05-10 Ian KellingMerge pull request #4 from syl20bnr/master
2015-05-10 syl20bnrCall (spray-quit) instead of (spray-mode -1)
2014-08-01 Ian Kellingadd mailing list
2014-07-31 Ian KellingMerge pull request #1 from oscarfv/disable-column-numbe...
2014-07-30 Óscar FuentesDisable column-number-mode
2014-07-16 Ian Kellinggo gplv3 and mention speedread in docs
2014-07-13 Ian KellingFix missing accent character regression
2014-07-11 Ian Kellingadd LICENSE file
2014-07-11 Ian Kellingadd docs to elisp file, use customize interface
2014-07-06 Ian KellingMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/zk-phi...
2014-07-06 Ian Kellingadd documentation about free vs proprietary
2014-07-04 zk_phiminor fixes for the merged commits
2014-07-04 zk_phiMerge pull request #5 from ian-kelling/master
2014-07-03 Ian Kellingimproved screencast
2014-07-03 Ian Kellingadd spray-ramp to slow down words initially
2014-07-03 Ian KellingHandle em dash case of word—word like a comma
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingadd left margin of 1 by default
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingimprove documentation
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingadd comments and a known bug on repeated words
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingfix highlight-symbol integration
2014-07-02 Ian Kellingfix smartparen integration bug
2014-07-01 Ian Kellingfix accidental key deletion and rename orp to accent
2014-06-30 zk_phifix typo
2014-06-30 Ian Kellingsmall doc update
2014-06-30 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-06-30 Ian Kellingsmall doc update
2014-06-30 Ian Kellingupdated docs
2014-06-30 Ian Kellingupdate doc, no idea what orp means so rename it
2014-06-30 Ian Kellingremove exit on all keys. things like ctrl-h m are usefull
2014-06-30 Ian KellingEnable and enhance left and top margins
2014-06-30 Ian Kellingadd spray-quit plus some minor docs
2014-06-26 Ian KellingFix bug changing speed when paused. Minor refactor.
2014-06-26 Ian KellingMerge remote-tracking branch 'oscarfv/faster-slower'
2014-06-26 Ian KellingMake font non-italicized by default
2014-06-23 Óscar FuentesIncreases/decreases wpm on the fly
2014-06-19 zk_phiuse matching instead of hard-coding
2014-06-19 zk_phiadd spray-set-margins
2014-06-13 zk_phiupdate doc
2014-06-13 zk_philicense
2014-06-13 zk_phiadd keymap / restore restriction
2014-06-13 zk_phisuppress warning on the first invocation
2014-06-13 zk_phimake it paragraph-aware
2014-06-13 zk_phiput an overlay instead of disabling font-lock
2014-06-12 zk_phiupdate screencast
2014-06-12 zk_phiupdate screencast
2014-06-12 zk_phimake an individual face for ORPs
2014-06-12 zk_phiwp
2014-06-12 zk_phimodify doc
2014-06-12 zk_phihide '.'-terminated words slightly faster
2014-06-12 zk_phiadd screencast
2014-06-12 zk_phifirst commit