2019-08-11 Ian Kellingfix newlines in output master
2019-08-05 Ian Kellingchange indent level to 2
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingstop returning 1. use pipefail if needed
2018-01-22 Ian Kellingfix syntax error
2017-04-15 Ian Kellingslightly better readme
2017-04-13 Ian Kellingsmall bug fix
2017-03-30 Ian Kellingslightly better code
2017-03-30 Ian Kellingchange sysd state file to work with user services
2017-02-14 Ian Kellingadd install script, fix perms
2017-02-05 Ian Kellingbetter docs, email logs from all error runs
2016-10-28 Ian Kellingadd systemd timer email script
2016-10-28 Ian Kellingrefactor log-once
2016-08-24 Ian Kellingmake log-once be script instead of function
2016-08-15 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2016-08-14 Ian Kellingbring related scripts into this repo
2016-08-14 Ian Kellingapache license, improve docs
2016-06-21 Ian Kellingfunction is useful, bring it back
2016-06-17 Ian Kellingimprove output and error handling, use 1 script
2015-02-16 Ian Kellingupdate README for gitorious move
2014-07-24 Ian Kellingchange to more appropriate printf
2014-07-24 Ian Kellinginitial commit. working as expected