27 hours ago Ian Kellingetiona and more use of l2 for mail monitoring master
2020-01-05 Ian Kellingupdates, especially for etiona
2019-11-23 Ian Kellingfix jrun
2019-11-22 Ian Kellingvarious fixes and updates
2019-11-12 Ian Kellingvarious fixes, mostly for etiona
2019-11-10 Ian Kellingvarious fixes and improvements
2019-11-06 Ian Kellingminor fixes
2019-11-06 Ian Kellingminor fixes
2019-11-06 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2019-11-05 Ian Kellingmostly fixes for new error handling
2019-11-04 Ian KellingMainly add external monitoring of mail server
2019-10-24 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2019-10-23 Ian Kellingfix ssh wrapper
2019-10-23 Ian Kellingminor bug fix
2019-10-23 Ian Kellingminor shell improvements
2019-10-23 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2019-10-22 Ian Kellingfix race condition
2019-10-22 Ian Kellinglogging and optimizations
2019-10-22 Ian Kellingvarious updates
2019-10-21 Ian Kellingbug fixes
2019-10-19 Ian Kellingfix false positive conflink detection
2019-10-19 Ian Kellingconflink detect systemd changes, better btrbk for roami...
2019-10-19 Ian Kellingconflink bug fix, btrbk on x3
2019-10-19 Ian Kellingimprove conflink outdated detection
2019-10-19 Ian Kellingbetter output
2019-10-18 Ian Kellingminor fix
2019-10-18 Ian Kellingdns fixes
2019-10-18 Ian Kellingfixes for second bind host
2019-10-18 Ian Kellingbetter alerts
2019-10-18 Ian Kellingavoid sudo resolv alert on rerun
2019-10-18 Ian Kellingmostly mail and monitoring fixes
2019-10-18 Ian Kellingfixes
2019-10-17 Ian Kellingcheck remote queues
2019-10-17 Ian Kellingfix big section not running on most hosts in distro-end
2019-10-17 Ian Kellingfix sl ssh detection
2019-10-16 Ian Kellingwatch mail queue length
2019-10-16 Ian Kellingimprove perf
2019-10-16 Ian Kellingmainly changes to keep systems up to date
2019-10-14 Ian Kellingbunch of updates and fixes
2019-09-07 Ian Kellingminor fix
2019-09-07 Ian Kellingvarious improvements
2019-08-12 Ian Kellingipv6 tunnel
2019-08-11 Ian Kellingchanges for buster linode
2019-08-05 Ian Kellingshellcheck and fix checkrestart false positive
2019-08-05 Ian Kellingremove presumably testing condition
2019-08-05 Ian Kellingstop using unison, various updates
2019-08-03 Ian Kellingshellcheck, better automated upgrades
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingrobustness
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingrobustness and satisfy shellcheck
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingrobustness
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingadd idle check to cron backup
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingtemporarily change backup targets
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingmore verbose and robust btrbk wrappers
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2019-07-30 Ian Kellingimprove alerts
2019-07-30 Ian Kellingalerting fixes
2019-07-29 Ian Kellinglists filing
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingfix and improve system status
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingminor improvements
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingfix missing sieve links on new systems
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingfix paths due to no fixing bashrc on ssh
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingfix wrongly escaped test cronjob
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingfix default mounts for o when pulling
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingmore mail fixes
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingbetter local bounce handling
2019-07-29 Ian Kellinghandle local bounces better
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingvarious improvements
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingmake local deliveries use smarthost when possible,...
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingbetter arg checking
2019-07-24 Ian Kellingfix btrbk timing issue. improve email stuff
2019-07-22 Ian Kellingvarious fixes and mail improvements
2019-07-22 Ian Kellingvarious email improvements
2019-07-20 Ian Kellingmail improvements
2019-07-20 Ian Kellingremove postfix support since i dont use it
2019-07-20 Ian Kellingvarious improvements mostly email
2019-07-17 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2019-07-13 Ian Kellingvarious improvements
2019-07-04 Ian Kellingbuster + fixes
2019-07-04 Ian Kellinguse i3
2019-07-03 Ian Kellingminor fix and add automatic updates
2019-06-30 Ian Kellingminor improvements, terminal keys
2019-06-23 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2019-06-17 Ian Kellingfix btrbk service
2019-06-17 Ian Kellingvarious fixes and improvements
2019-06-11 Ian Kellingbtrbk filxes
2019-06-10 Ian Kellingminor improvements
2019-06-01 Ian Kellingadd prometheus and friends
2019-06-01 Ian Kellingbtrbk functions
2019-05-29 Ian Kellinginstall-my-scripts on mounting new subvol to use more...
2019-05-28 Ian Kellingvarious improvements
2019-05-28 Ian Kellingbtrbk minor fixes
2019-05-17 Ian Kellingdeal with new email list
2019-05-17 Ian Kellingfix broken path
2019-05-16 Ian Kellingbug fixes
2019-05-16 Ian Kellingbtrbk fixes
2019-05-15 Ian Kellingshow hostname in prompt whenever sudo
2019-05-15 Ian Kellingmake bbk account for cronjobs
2019-05-15 Ian Kellingstop unneded changes to /q, making for extra btrfs...
2019-05-15 Ian Kellingbtrbk improvements for cron
2019-05-13 Ian Kellingnotes about ipv6