2019-11-12 Ian Kellingetiona fixes, new bash-trace master
2019-11-11 Ian Kellingetiona fixes
2019-11-10 Ian Kellingnew stack trace, linode fixes, minor improvements
2019-10-27 Ian Kellingchanges for trisquel 9
2019-10-23 Ian KellingMerge branch 'upstream'
2019-10-23 Ian Kellingupdate to 8474747c7f55 upstream
2019-10-23 Ian Kellingdns updates
2019-10-18 Ian Kellingvarious fixes mostly for linode
2019-09-07 Ian Kellingminor dns change
2019-08-11 Ian Kellingchanges for buster linode
2019-08-02 Ian Kellingmore comprehensive local dns records
2019-07-29 Ian Kellingfix buster repo
2019-07-04 Ian Kellingbuster and some fixes
2019-07-04 Ian Kellingstart of etiona (trisquel 9) support
2019-07-04 Ian KellingMerge branch 'upstream'
2019-07-04 Ian Kellingupdate to db59a1a2dd 2019-03-07
2019-07-03 Ian Kellingrename secondary user
2019-07-03 Ian Kellingwrt improvements
2019-06-30 Ian Kellingipv6 allow firewall
2019-05-15 Ian Kellingpersistent ssh host keys, ipv6 ssh, whitespace
2019-05-07 Ian Kellingupdate timezone
2019-05-07 Ian Kellingupdate hosts, fix fai-cd and wrt
2019-04-25 Ian Kellingmerge fai-kexec info live-kexec
2019-04-25 Ian Kellingminor improvements and misc changes
2019-04-08 Ian Kellingminor bug fixes
2019-04-08 Ian Kellingmake raid1 default over raid0
2019-04-08 Ian Kellingfix bug on buster
2019-04-06 Ian Kellingmore detailed failed disk replacement docs
2019-04-06 Ian Kellingfix recovery in a pxe booted sysinfo env related bugs
2019-03-30 Ian Kellinginitial buster support
2019-03-29 Ian Kellingfix some bugs and mix other things
2019-03-22 Ian Kellingminor files
2019-03-12 Ian Kellingwrt setup fixes and improvements
2019-03-12 Ian Kellinghwe kernel to fix btrfs-send bug
2019-02-17 Ian Kellingvarious minor fixes and improvements
2018-09-03 Ian Kellingfatal fixes to faiserver setup
2018-09-02 Ian Kellingwhitespace
2018-09-02 Ian Kellingmake autodiscover not automatically reboot
2018-09-02 Ian Kellingfix autodiscover iso generation
2018-09-02 Ian Kellingbugfix calling as nonroot user
2018-09-02 Ian Kellingmerge upstream, untested
2018-09-02 Ian Kellingupstream 00f2ea2b8 as of 2018-09-02
2018-07-01 Ian Kellingminor fixes and improvements
2018-06-13 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2018-06-13 Ian Kellingvarious fixes, make settable basefile dir
2018-06-13 Ian Kellingvarous minor updates
2018-05-28 Ian Kellingdirinstall fixes/improvements, other minor changes
2018-05-12 Ian Kellingfixes plus readme updates
2018-03-18 Ian Kellingminor fixes
2018-03-07 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2018-01-23 Ian Kellingremove option to never upgrade ucf files
2018-01-22 Ian Kellingformatting and dns changes
2017-11-24 Ian Kellingraid10 replace docs, various fixes
2017-11-19 Ian Kellingvarious fixes and improvements
2017-11-05 Ian Kellingtweaks to make vars more logical
2017-11-05 Ian Kellingminor updates
2017-10-24 Ian Kellingchange stable to stretch, makes more sense
2017-10-24 Ian Kellingvarious fixes, improve flidas
2017-10-09 Ian Kellingfixup systemd boot errors, add sysrq support
2017-10-08 Ian Kellingremove some cruft to make flidas basefile build
2017-10-08 Ian KellingMerge branch 'upstream', fai 5.4
2017-10-08 Ian Kellingupdate to 5.4
2017-10-08 Ian Kellingsmall fixes
2017-10-07 Ian KellingMerge branch 'upstream'
2017-10-07 Ian Kellingupdate to upstream 5.4.6
2017-09-09 Ian Kellingfix some minor bugs
2017-09-09 Ian Kellingadd more stack traces, other minor changes
2017-08-09 Ian Kellingrename ian to iank
2017-08-09 Ian Kellingminor fixes
2017-06-02 Ian Kellingadd rescue, fix default pxe, ubuntu locale
2017-05-31 Ian Kellingfix chboot bug introduced in its last change
2017-05-05 Ian Kellingadd flidas support, fix typo
2017-05-05 Ian Kellingfix docker group, add public nfs
2017-04-26 Ian Kellingupdate webserver setup dependency
2017-04-20 Ian Kellingadd docker group, small docs update
2017-04-13 Ian Kellingadd http server support for maru, small bug fixes
2017-04-10 Ian Kellingrevert chost, broke for localhost
2017-04-09 Ian Kellingwarn of new upstream basefiles
2017-04-08 Ian Kellingautomatically disable faiserver nfs in some scripts
2017-04-08 Ian Kellingbetter doc for faiserver-disable
2017-04-08 Ian Kellinglimit fai nfs export to host being installed
2017-03-30 Ian Kellingadd host
2017-02-12 Ian Kellingssh key fix, consistent help args
2017-02-11 Ian Kellingvarious fixes
2017-02-11 Ian Kellingimprove code style
2017-02-11 Ian Kellingcode cleanup, arch fixes
2017-02-11 Ian Kellingmake chboot work for bootstrap volume
2017-02-09 Ian Kellingminor fixes and documentation
2017-02-09 Ian KellingMerge branch 'upstream'
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingupdate to upstream 5.3.4
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingadd syncthing port forward
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingsmall dns changes
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingdo not install isc-dhcp & inetd recommended packages
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingfixes mostly for bootstrap vol, better docs
2017-02-06 Ian Kellinglittle bette readme
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingimprove docs
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingminor fixes for vps
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingfix persistent host ssh identities and dpkg error
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingimprove host repo detection outside fai
2017-02-06 Ian Kellingcleanup classes, populate ssh server keys