2019-06-30 Ian Kellingremove output of expected error master
2019-06-28 Ian Kellingmake stop tear down correct namespace
2019-06-28 Ian Kellinghandle when resolvconf is not installed
2019-05-23 Ian Kellingbetter docs and make err a hard dependency
2019-05-10 Ian Kellingfix for dnsmasq
2019-03-12 Ian Kellinghandle multiple gateways
2017-11-08 Ian Kellingfix docker nat rules properly
2017-11-04 Ian Kellingfix docker and stop command
2017-08-21 Ian Kellingadd resolvconf mount namespace
2017-04-15 Ian Kellingsmall readme update
2017-03-30 Ian Kellingfix parsing ip on more kinds of networks
2017-02-08 Ian Kellingmake more resilient
2017-02-05 Ian Kellingchange mount ns to slave
2017-01-22 Ian Kellingadd option to pick static network
2017-01-19 Ian Kellingremove duplicate documentation, improve synopsis
2017-01-19 Ian Kellingadd missing bit to background doc
2017-01-19 Ian Kellingbetter documentation on create
2017-01-19 Ian Kellingimprove wording
2017-01-19 Ian Kellingbetter docs
2017-01-19 Ian Kellingeven more better docs
2017-01-19 Ian Kellingeven better documentation
2017-01-19 Ian Kellingbetter documentation
2017-01-18 Ian Kellingdelete the mount namespace on stop
2017-01-16 Ian Kellingimprove docs
2017-01-15 Ian Kellingfix error handle path, add doc and cteate options
2017-01-15 Ian Kellingworking version for use in systemd