remove last testing date, code is stable
[evhz] / evhz.c
2017-02-01 Tobias JakobiUse proper 64-bit integer arithmetic for Hz calculation
2016-08-26 Ian Kellinggeneral improvements
2016-08-12 Ian Kellinglessen indent, use spaces
2015-02-01 Ian KellingMerge pull request #4 from aldrik/master
2015-02-01 Aldrik DunbarAlso show the polling rate for graphics tables
2014-02-25 Ian Kellingfix handlig of string /dev/input/event[10..49]
2013-10-10 Ian KellingChanged verbose to nonverbose
2013-10-10 Ian KellingMerge pull request #1 from ork/master
2013-10-09 OrkForgot that classic \n
2013-10-09 OrkCheck for root user
2013-10-05 OrkVerbose option and better output
2013-08-20 Ian KellingFixed header, and fixed small limit on # of devices.
2013-08-20 Ian KellingCreate evhz.c