router arris sb8200 source code


The arris sb8200 source code is not on sourceforge with the rest of their products as of July 2017 to August 2019. This model only came out in 2017. I've copied this from the web interface of the modem and publishing it here since I do not see it anywhere else online. At the bottom, there are a bunch of license texts and copyright holder notices that I've omitted.

Open Source Software Information

For instructions on how to obtain a copy of any source code being made publicly available by ARRIS related to software used in this ARRIS product you may send your request in writing to:

   Software Pedigree Operations
   2450 Walsh Avenue
   Santa Clara, CA 95051

The ARRIS website also contains information regarding ARRIS's use of open source. ARRIS has created the to serve as a portal for interaction with the software community-at-large.
This document contains additional information regarding licenses, acknowledgements and required copyright notices for open source packages used in this ARRIS product.

Component   Version     License
BSOpen Source Components Included in the BFC/CXC Packages
OpenSSH     4.0p1   BSD Style (OpenSSH) License
eCos    2.0     eCos License
Kerberos    V5 Rel 1.5.1    MIT License
Mongoose Web Server     3.0     MIT License
dygraphs    1.2     MIT License
EXPAT   1.95.8  MIT License
aRes DNS    1.1.0   MIT License
NetSNMP     5.0.9   NetSNMP License
OpenSSL     1.0.1k  OpenSSL License and the original SSLeay License
MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm    N/A     RSA MD5 License
Fast CRC32  N/A     Richard Black Fast CRC32 License
SFL - The Standard Function Library     N/A     SFL iMatix License
nameser.h   8.1     The Regents of the University of California
regex   N/A     University of Toronto License
STUN Client and Server Library  0.96    Vovida Software License 1.0
KAME IPv6 Stack     N/A     WIDE Project License
traceroute  N/A     WIDE Project License
traceroute6     1.42    WIDE Project License
TinyXML     N/A     zlib License
List of Open Source Included in the Linux eRouter and Residential Gateway
axis2/c     1.6.0   Apache License 2.0
base64  0.00.00B    base64 License
map (Yyatta ASAMAP)     3/14/2014   BEER-WARE License
YUI Compressor  2.4.7   BSD License
tcpdump     3.9     BSD License
Dropbear sshd   0.46    Dropbear License
gptfdisk    0.8.7   GPL
ifenslave   1.1.0   GPL
bridge-utils    1.2     GPLv2
conntrack-tools Includes:libnetfilter,libnetflink   0.9.14  GPLv2
dbus    1.4.14  GPLv2 or The Academic Free License version 2.1
ebtables    2.0.10-4    GPLv2
iproute2    iproute2-ss140804   GPLv2
udhcp   0.9.6   GPLv2
zebra   0.93    GPLv2
binutils    2.23    GPLv2
cortex  0.1     GPLv2
sqlite3     8.6     GPLv2
e2fsprogs   1.41.14     GPLv2
mtdutils    1.0     GPLv2
ethtool     3.15    GPLv2
bash    3.2     GPLv2
busybox     1.21.1  GPLv2
eglibc  2.18    GPLv2
Linux   3.14    GPLv2
iptables    1.6.0   GPLv2e
iperf   2.0.0   iperf License
avahi   0.6.30  LGPLv2.1
libdaemon   0.14    LGPLv2.1
dnsmasq     1.8     LGPLv2
procps  3.2.7   LGPLv2
i2c-tools   3.1.1   LGPLv2
wdmd    2.2     LGPLv2
libxml2     N/A     MIT License
jsonc   0.12    MIT License
jquery  v1.10.2     MIT license
jQuery Color Animations     v2.1.2  MIT license
Sizzle CSS Selector Engine  v1.10.2     MIT License
expat   2.0.1   MIT/X Consortium license
Net SNMP    5.7.2   NetSNMP License
nodejs  v0.10.12    Node's license
openssl     1.0.1j  OpenSSL License and the original SSLeay license
radvd   1.0     radvd License
strace  4.5.20  strace License
portmap     1.6     The Regents of the University of California.
DHCPv6  1.2     WIDE Project License

License     License Text