Added old emacswiki author.
[visible-mark] / visible-mark.el
2014-04-15 Ian KellingAdded old emacswiki author.
2014-04-15 Ian KellingAdded autloads to define mode functions
2014-04-15 Ian KellingAdded headers
2014-04-15 Ian KellingImproved documentation
2014-04-15 Ian KellingSeveral improvements and bug fixes.
2010-12-07 John Foerchmore thorough job of deleting old overlays on startup
2010-12-07 John Foerchuse mapc instead of mapcar where appropriate
2010-12-07 John Foerchvisible-mark-move-overlays: rewrite
2010-12-07 John Foerchvisible-mark-initialize-faces: remove
2010-12-07 John Foerchvisible-mark-face: better colors
2009-12-20 John Foerchvisible-mark-mode-maybe: explicitly enable the mode
2009-12-19 John Foerchinitial checkin