composer.json mediawiki/mediawiki-codesniffer to 0.7.1
[mediawiki-sidebar-patch] / composer.json
2016-05-08 addshorecomposer.json mediawiki/mediawiki-codesniffer to 0.7.1
2016-03-07 Siebrand MazelandUse mediawiki-codesniffer 0.6.0
2015-12-29 jenkins-botMerge "Increase transparent background canvas of extern...
2015-12-29 PaladoxUpdate grunt-jsonlint to 1.0.7 and MW codesniffer to...
2015-12-16 saperWe are Vector, not vector
2015-11-06 umherirrenderUpdate codesniffer version
2015-09-29 PaladoxMake it easer to debug php code sniffer, Update mediawi...
2015-07-18 jenkins-botMerge "Make Vector more responsive"
2015-07-06 Timo Tijhofbuild: Move config to phpcs.xml and require php 5.3.3
2015-06-26 paladoxUpdate mediawiki codesniffer to 0.3.0
2015-06-25 jenkins-botMerge "Don't autoload Vector.php using composer.json"
2015-06-25 Vivek GhaisasDon't autoload Vector.php using composer.json
2015-06-09 Vivek GhaisasRun phplint and phpcs through "composer test" entry...
2014-08-28 jenkins-botMerge "Use .mw-body instead of div#content"
2014-08-27 mwjamesAdd composer.json