2017-11-24 Ian Kellingfix perms on broken links, better err handling master
2017-02-19 Ian Kellingkeep existing links
2017-02-13 Ian Kellingrefactor, better var names, remove dup code
2017-02-05 Ian Kellingadd verbose mode to log removals
2017-01-16 Ian Kellingimprove readme wording
2016-11-16 Ian Kellingadd -h arg for help
2016-09-09 Ian Kellingsmall doc update
2016-08-15 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2016-08-15 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2016-08-14 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2016-08-09 Ian Kellingbug fix: fails when using -T and broken link dir
2016-06-17 Ian Kellingseveral bug fixes, simplify to just one script file
2015-02-16 Ian Kellingupdate README for gitorious move
2014-07-28 Ian Kellingfix bug when using -T for a link to a dirctory
2014-06-30 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-06-26 Ian Kellingfix edge case missing extglob
2014-06-17 Ian Kellingfix quoted path
2014-06-12 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-06-12 Ian KellingMinor readme update
2014-06-09 Ian Kellingchange semantics to include all ln cases, but require...
2014-06-09 Ian Kellingchange 2 argument semantics to make more sense
2014-06-07 Ian Kellingminor doc update
2014-06-07 Ian Kellinginitial commit