2016-09-28 Ian Kellinguse safe markdown for comments to prevent xss
2016-09-28 Ian Kellingfix broken link
2016-09-28 Ian Kellingfix feed links
2016-09-23 Ian Kellingadd link to other comment solutions
2016-09-23 Ian Kellingsupport gitweb subdirs
2016-09-08 Ian Kellingfix typo
2016-08-31 Ian Kellingbetter readme
2016-08-27 Ian Kellingfixup gitignore
2016-08-27 Ian Kellingfix broken link
2016-08-27 Ian Kellingfix mailto link
2016-08-27 Ian Kellingrename stuff to things
2016-08-27 Ian Kellingfixup remote comment admin
2016-08-26 Ian Kellinggitweb setup fix
2016-08-26 Ian Kellingsmall post rewording
2016-08-26 Ian Kellingminor footer update
2016-08-26 Ian Kellingupdate redesign date
2016-08-26 Ian Kellinguse cgi dir for better security
2016-08-26 Ian Kellinggood working version