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2 title: "Site redesigned. Random thoughts"
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5 Please let me know what you think of the current site design. It's my own creation.
7 Disqus and it's ilk suck: it pushes tracking, advertising, and proprietary javascript on your users. The comments aren't saved by archive.org. People have lots more reasons they dislike it. NPR just deleted 2.8 billion Disqus comments. Unfortunately, there is no really simple way to add self hosted comments to your static blog, so I bit the bullet and wrote code for it.
9 I originally used Jekyll (the most popular static site generator), but I ditched it and made my own site generator. It was fun. One nice thing is I can still serve a static site with static comments (comment submission is obviously a little dynamic): I regen a page in 120ms, compared to jekyll at 430 ms, and I'm not sure if that time would grow for a bigger site etc. The alternative of course is to make the site non-static or use some javascript hackery.
11 Although I don't use much javascript (none on this page), I added javascript license data so the [librejs](https://www.gnu.org/software/librejs/) extension can detect that it is free software. It was pretty easy, and I recommend it.